Window Technologies

Tailor fit to each window, WeatherPro is proud to present its unique array of many energy efficient glasses to accompany our window’s designs. Each glass has features that cater to specific different purposes. Find the best fit for your windows:

Clear Glass

Clear glass diagram for window technologiesClear glass units provide the best noise protection compared to single pane glass. In terms of temperature resistance, it easily permits hot and cold air from both inside and outside to flow through it normally.

Low E-Glass

low-e glass diagram for window technologiesLow Emissivity Glass, or Low E-Glass, is a smart choice for lowering your home energy costs all-year-round. In winter, Low-E Glass downsizes heat loss to the cold outside by reducing radiant heat transfer and bouncing interior heat back into your room, where it wants to be. It efficiently orders the sun’s rays; allowing more of them to enter the home as re-useable solar energy and providing extra warmth. In the summer, using the same effect but on the opposite spectrum, it helps to reduce the flow of hot air into the cooler interior. Low-E Glass also reduces the damage of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which is a leading cause of premature fading and degradation of fabrics and carpeting as well as skin cancer.

Triple Glass

Tripple glass concept for window technologies Triple pane glass windows are the strongest energy efficient models on the market. With an extra pane of glass, it works extra hard, all-year long, to keep all the cold air on the outside, and all of the warm air on the inside, or vice versa. Coatings are often applied to the glass to fully protect against solar heat gain and enhance their energy efficiency. The extra pane of glass truly introduces a new level of insulation, airflow, and energy efficiency. Weather Pro can custom-build their windows with any glass their customers desire. If you want a different type of glass in your Weather Pro windows, make sure to let us know! All of these different types of glass use the “Super Spacer” insulating glass spacer to provide unbeatable comfort and technical integrity.

Super Spacer

super glass spacer window technology The edges of a window’s insulating glass are the most affected by heat and cold loss. After the inevitable damage caused by time, this leads to condensation. This moisture is quite bad for the whole window assembly; creating stained wood, peeled paint, rotting frames, mold and a variety of other big issues. An average single-seal insulating units are made with only one type of sealant. This is an ineffective construction method, because the sealant needs to preform two duties. Not only must it provide resistance from moisture vapor, but it must also behave as an adhesive for the whole unit through a variety of temperature changes. The Super Spacer is a revolutionary insulating glass spacer. Weather Pro is one of the few window supplier around the world who carry this product, and we use it exclusively in all of our window assemblies. It uses a patented dual seal insulation system, which creates powerful adhesion as well as sturdy resistance to moisture vapor. No 2 jobs for 1 seal – the Super Spacer has a seal to get each job done properly. The result is a staggering drop in condensation and comfortable home humidity all year-round. The results are unparalleled by any insulating glass unit on the market!

Puchasing window technologies

When speaking with our customers about new windows, the conversation always moves to money — not only how much different window technologies affect the cost of the installed product, but also how much money can be saved and how much can be recovered over time. Considering the average Canadian homeowner pays more than $2,000 on utility bills, replacing drafty windows with the energy efficient models seems a good bet to get your energy bills back under your control. One of the most important considerations when buying windows is the glass and insulation you choose. Our windows feature the latest low “E2″ glass, each piece designed to control heat loss and heat transfer in the form of conduction, convection, and radiation. our glass can block up to  90 percent of radiant heat, and improve efficiency by more than 50 percent.

There are many new window technologies other then just the glass. Call us at WeatherPro to learn more.