Vinyl Windows

When it comes to overall value and beauty in a new or replacement window, few can compete with the range of vinyl windows made and installed by the professionals at WeatherPro.

Types of Vinyl Windows We Manufacture and Install

Montreal Vinyl Windows

At WeatherPro, we offer the widest selection of custom vinyl windows of any company in Montreal & Ottawa. The many styles we work with include:

  • Bay windows, which are a style of window that projects outward from a home’s main walls, thereby forming a “bay” in the room. They create more interior space and are sometimes accessorized with seating areas.
  • Bow windows installed by WeatherPro are similar to bay windows in that they project outward from your home.
  • A casement window is a window that is secured to the window frame by one or more hinges at the side.
  • A window with two sashes in a single frame that slides up or down for ventilation is called a double hung window. These kinds of windows are fixtures with patios, decks and other areas of the home with regular foot traffic.
  • Double slider vinyl windows have two glass panels side by side, both of which slide horizontally.
  • End vent slider windows feature two sashes offering venting and include a fixed centre sash.
  • Fixed casement windows feature a sash that swings open like a door, in multiple configurations: side-hung, top-hung, or even with a bottom-hung sash or combination of these styles. Our fixed casement windows may feature fixed panels on one or more sides of the sash. They are often opened using an interior hand crank.
  • Picture windows are large, fixed windows in a wall, normally without any sort of glazing or ventilation options. Many homeowners we work with choose this kind of window because of the view it affords.
  • Single hung windows are characterized by a fixed upper sash with a bottom sash that opens by sliding up and down.
  • Single slider windows only have one side that slides open. They are perfect for below-grade applications where egress is required, especially in basement bedrooms.
  • Tilt & Turn Windows are designed as the name implies, with the ability to tilt in for venting on top or opening inward for venting along the side.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows from WeatherPro?

We have been in business for more than a decade, and have been a preferred retailer and installer of high quality and affordable vinyl windows for our entire history. These kinds of windows are stylish, durable, and energy efficient, but are only as good as build materials and manufacturing and installation methods. Here are some reasons to choose our company.

  • Selection. We have literally hundreds of styles of vinyl windows to choose from. Try that with your local big box home improvement centre.
  • Expert design. All of our windows are custom designed for each client to ensure the best fit and finish possible.
  • Quality control. Because all of our vinyl windows and doors are made in our own facilities by our own employees, we control all facets of the manufacturing process from start to finish. There are no middle men or third party vendors to deal with, ensuring the highest level of quality possible.
  • Outstanding customer service. If you have a question – any question – simply pick up the phone and call us. You will always speak with a live associate, never someone in an off-shore call centre.

Understanding Your Needs to Serve You Better

As the top rated doors and window company in Montreal & Ottawa, we have built our business and cemented our reputation by learning about our customers, and treating all clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We have never believed in sales gimmicks or trends promoted in the media – or selling a homeowner something they do not need. To help a homeowner select the right window, we inspect existing windows and assess their condition, energy efficiency, the odds of repair or replacement, and how long we think they will last given their current condition.
For more information or to receive a quote, call us today at (514) 225-2262.

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