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Montreal tilt and turn windowIf you are having trouble deciding between a double hung window with a sash that can be opened from the top or the bottom, or a sliding window that might open from side to side, one of the most popular alternative options available today is a tilt and turn window. Regardless of the type of window you are interested in, factory direct windows and doors has hundreds of materials & colours to choose from — at a price you can afford.

A tilt and turn window; the best of both worlds

The tilt & turn window originated in Germany, and was an excellent innovation in window design. While it is not as popular in north america than it was in europe, the tilt & turn window is a wonderfully elegant and practical solution to consider, either when getting rid of old windows or when installing new ones in your house. Just as some smart phones serve a dual purpose — mobile phone and camera, a tilt and turn window serves more than one purpose as well. The unique design of this window means the sash can be swung open, like a door, or tilted close to the top of the sash into a room for greater air flow. Of course, both design elements make cleaning the window quite easy.the beauty of the tilt & turn window is that this technology is easily used in combination with other window types. For example, a double sash tilt & turn is usually configured such that one sash can both tilt and turn, while the other sash can simply swing open much like a regular casement window, but toward the inside.
From low-e gas insulation to custom glass panes and intricate hardware, each tilt and turn window we install is custom made. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” window, and anyone who says otherwise is not being honest to you. All of our doors and windows are manufactured only after we have been at your home to take precise measurements, and only after we have worked with the customer to evaluate their needs. This gives each customer the power to make a more informed decision, and get the window they want at a price they can pay.
Tilt & turn windows do not simply operate in one way (for example, by swinging outward, or by sliding horizontally) as most windows do. Instead, they provide a dual function: first, they can tilt inward from the top to allow for air circulation, and second, they can swing open from their side hinges for increased ventilation, a better view, and ease of cleaning. All this is accomplished via a single operating handle.

The tilt & turn window: superior insulation

Tilt & turns are known to be high-performing windows for a reason. Their overlapping sash and frame enables something called “twin seal compression,” which provides completely unopposed thermal, sound, and water insulation. Double-insulated tilt & turn windows are also the standard, so you know that when you are buying a tilt and turn window you a guaranteed quality.

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