Specialty Window Shapes

Speciality window shapes in Montreal & OttawaSometimes a “standard” window design just will not suffice in a given situation. Perhaps a room in your home is shaped like an octagon or semi-circle, meaning a traditional casement, slider, or other window style would be, incorrect in the provided space. A better solution is to speak with a designer consultant at WeatherPro Windows & Doors about the wide variety of custom window shapes we can install in any residence based on your style, budget, and other needs. Have you been over all the regular window options a hundred times, and yet cannot seem to find something that suits your requirements, or even that you like? Perhaps it is time to consider a specialty window shape from WeatherPro Windows & Doors. Sometimes all it takes is just one or two different elements – specially designed windows, in this case – to give your home its signature character.

Speciality Window Shapes Abound

One of the reasons our company has continued to grow over the last 10 years is because of our commitment to the latest styles and innovations for energy efficient doors and windows. We can custom design a window to fit any architecture. Some of the most popular custom shapes we offer are:

  • Oval
  • Ellipse
  • Hexagon
  • Regular and Extended Octagon
  • Eyebrow
  • Pentoid
  • Half and Quarter Round
  • Extended and Modified Eyebrow
  • Gothic
  • Parallelogram
  • Circle
  • Triangular (Equilateral, Isosceles, Right, Scalene)
  • Regular and Modified Trapezoid
  • Extended Half and Quarter Round

If none of these speciality window shapes suits your fancy, call us for a free, no strings attached consultation. We will set up a home visit at a time convenient to you, and assess your strange and interesting architecture and begin looking at different shapes that may apply. At Direct Windows & Doors, we can design any window shape you could desire, or even think of, each one benefiting from energy efficient Low “E2″ glass and low maintenance building materials like aluminium or vinyl.
All of our workmanship is of the highest quality, and we back everything we do by a comprehensive warranty and a promise of 100 percent customer satisfaction. To learn more about speciality window shapes, call us today at WeatherPro for your completely free consultation.

Blending Windows With Creativity

Going over speciality window shapes and working together with us, our designers and engineers, is the perfect opportunity to get creative and bring some of your own personality and style to the table (or should we say window). Our professionals will help turn your ideas and inspiration as well as ours into a concrete, beautifully executed custom window. There are a myriad of options to choose from. Many of our speciality window shapes are not only decorative, but might also be constructed as functional ventilating windows. Our speciality windows are built to the same exacting standards, using top-quality materials. There is a wide range of options for glass, including decorative, tinted, and textured glass – plus our energy efficient options like low-e, double-insulated glass, and triple-insulated glass.

Call us today to make your window dreams a reality at WeatherPro Windows And Doors.