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Sliding Doors MontrealWhether your home is newly built or a classic 100 year-old farmhouse undergoing extensive renovations, one of the first things a passerby will notice are doors and windows. If your home is for sale, it is critically important that all doors – from entry to garage to sliding doors off the patio – are as beautiful as they are functional.
Made in our own factory of high quality and durable materials such as vinyl, wrought iron, steel, and glass, our sliding doors are famous throughout Montreal for beautiful designs, spacious vision areas, ease of operation, security, and helping reduce home energy bills. If you are looking for a unique alternative to doors that swing open, look no further than the range of sliding glass or other sliding doors made by the experts at WeatherPro. In our experience, they immediately add value and beauty to any home and will last for years with simple maintenance.
While some doors and windows companies sub-contract work to outside vendors, our staff members – from designers to builders to quality control supervisors – are responsible for all aspects of the build process right through to installation and final inspection. This measure of responsibility fosters pride in workmanship and leads to higher overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Begins With Quality Control of all Sliding Doors We Manufacture

Customer satisfaction depends on more than top-notch products and services. It also is a matter of following the highest standards imaginable when it comes to build quality. At WeatherPro, our windows and sliding doors are subjected to strenuous testing to ensure they are water and air resistant, can withstand severe wind gusts, are simple to open and close, and can repel significant forced entry efforts by intruders. How do we accomplish all of this? Simple, by following strict federal requirements as per the Canadian Standards Association, by ensuring all products meet and exceed Energy Star requirements, and by following guidelines promoted by independent industry groups like the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada.
These efforts are critical in regards to overall customer satisfaction, and are one of the reasons we have been considered Montreal’s premier vendor of sliding doors for more than a decade. Trust us: Quality matters.

Sliding Doors Are Available in a Multitude of Designs

Walk into any big box home improvement store and what is the first thing you notice when it comes to doors and windows? Sales people jumping out of the woodwork? Price matching promises? How about lack of choice? While many “name brand” retailers offer limited design choices, WeatherPro is well known for just the opposite. Our company offers the most extensive collection of design options for sliding doors of any company in Montreal & Ottawa. If you can dream it, we can design it, from intricately detailed scroll work on steel doors to built-in mini blinds to low maintenance vinyl doors whose finish simulates the look and feel of real wood. And if that is not enough, each door can be customized with a multitude of frame colours and hardware and accessories such as handles and locking mechanisms.

Call WeatherPro for Professional Installation Services

In the heat of the moment to get a long dormant home improvement project started and perhaps save money, homeowners will sometimes decide to install doors and windows themselves. We have met many capable do-it-yourself-types over the years, but we always recommend choosing professional installation services, especially for certain sliding doors Montreal that may weigh hundreds of pounds if made from steel with tempered glass panels from top to bottom. Doors and windows installation is complicated and should only be undertaken by trained, qualified, and experienced professionals. Our staff will perform a free analysis of your current door and take precise measurements, thereby ensuring the door is manufactured to exact specifications, is properly installed, and operates smoothly every time when opened from the right or left side.
For more than a decade, our company has been an industry leader in design, manufacturing, and installation services for doors and windows for hundreds of residential and business customers throughout Montreal. Call us today at (514) 225-2262 to arrange a free in-home consultation or to learn more about our products and services.

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