Single Hung Window

single hung window MontrealWeatherPro Windows And Doors is a windows and doors fabrication and sales company with over 10 years of experience in Montreal & Ottawa. We sell many different types of windows and doors, including single hung windows.
A single hung window is a great ventilator, and is easily usable with just a simple pulling of the hand. it is surrounded on all sides by material and has both an up position, and a down position in which the window can rest. The quality of the materials that we use guarantees a smooth slide each and every time; very little maintenance is required on these windows. If you select a vinyl or fibreglass single hung window, this will further ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. These durable, weather-resistant materials will last for many years with basically zero maintenance, besides the occasional wipe-down necessary to remove dust and dirt.

The Energy-Saving Single Hung Window

This window comes standard with low-E glass, which is incredibly energy efficient type of coating for glass.In the winter, Low-E Glass reduces heat loss to the cold outdoors by reducing radiant heat transfer and reflecting interior heat back into your room, where it needs to be. In the summer, using the same effect but on the opposite spectrum, it helps to reduce the flow of hot air into the cooler interior
of your home. Low-E Glass also can reduce the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are a leading cause of premature fading and degradation of fabrics and carpeting.
It is also useful to install double, or in extreme cases, triple-insulated glass to improve thermal and sound insulation. Weather stripping around the sash is of course standard, and easy to replace once it wears down. All our windows meet Energy Star requirements, and many even exceed these requirements!

single hung windows are a standard, practical choice for a variety of applications. They may be used in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and virtually everywhere else in the home. They are especially suited for homes with young children, as the fixed lower sash provides extra safety, preventing accidents like your young child climbing and falling down.

If your looking to fabricate your own single hung window today, call WeatherPro today.

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