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Windows affect your home in many different ways. The right style accentuates your home’s architecture and décor, while windows made from the latest framing materials and glass play an important role in home energy costs and the comfort level experienced by you, your loved ones, and visitors. Over the lifespan of a typical home, it is not unusual to shop for replacement windows Montreal two or three times, but the quality of the window also depends on the company you choose. In Montreal, the choice is simple: WeatherPro.

replacement windows MontrealWhat to Know About Choosing Replacement Windows Montreal

When it comes to home ownership, the best thing a person can do in making purchase decisions is collecting as much information as possible about whatever they are interested in – before making a commitment. A custom installed kitchen with stainless steel appliances sure looks nice on display, but if you are single and travel a lot for work, will you really get enough use out of it to justify the cost? You get the idea.
The same logic applies to replacement windows, which are designed to simply replace the windows that were installed when your home was built. They can be made to order and custom built, or selected from in-stock merchandise, but you should know what your options are so you can make the right decision.
replacement windows come in many different styles, both from a functional standpoint and in terms of design. At WeatherPro, we build and install windows unique for each home. Some of the many styles we offer include:

  • Horizontal sliders are a style of replacement windows ideal for trapping energy. They are characterized by a single panel (or several) that moves along horizontal tracks. Energy savings come into play because both sections of the window cannot be opened at the same time.
  • Classic in design, double hung replacement windows have a top sash on the outside which you can slide down, in addition to a bottom sash on the inside that you can slide up. The window contains a series of mechanisms that allow each sash to be lifted, lowered and set in a certain position. All of our double hung windows have sashes that can be positioned in a way that makes them easy to clean. It’s also possible to have these windows installed with just a single movable sash.
  • Awning style replacement windows are designed so that the lower part of the window can be tilted outwards, which allows for good ventilation, a clear view outside, and relatively good security. An awning style window that opens from the top and is positioned lower down on a wall is referred to as a “hopper” style window.
  • Casement windows can be hung individually or in sets of two, and are often opened and closed using a hand crank inside the home. The sash can swing fully out or inward, which makes them easier to maintain and improves the ventilation in your property.

Finally, two styles of replacement windows growing in popularity are bay and bow windows. A bay window protrudes outwards from your home’s exterior wall, with a centre panel that lies parallel to this wall. These kinds of windows are perfect for adding more space to small kitchens or dining rooms. Our bow windows are designed similarly to a bay window but have three or more sections that connect to create a subtle curve. In this configuration, the center window is fixed while the side panels are casement style.

Framing materials and Glass

If there is one advantage that homeowners today have over their parents and grandparents when it comes to replacement windows, it is in the range of framing materials available. All of our high quality replacement windows are made from steel, aluminum, or vinyl, or variations of the three with wood cladding. Energy efficiency has increased ten-fold, thanks to newer glass options like Low-E and Triple Glass panes.
High quality and stylish replacement windows add value and beauty to any home, but equally important is the company you choose for sales and installation. Our advice? Follow the lead of hundreds of satisfied homeowners throughout Montreal and call WeatherPro for a free in-home estimate at (514) 225-2262.

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