Picture Window

Montreal Picture WindowsIf your house is situated with a great view of a beautiful landscape — water, mountains, or even a a glistening skyline — the best way to enjoy that view is with a stylish and expansive picture window from the experts at WeatherPro Pro Windows & Doors. With in-house design staff, we can help you select the best window to accentuate your home’s architecture and provide years of enjoyment while also helping you control your heating and cooling bills.

Why A Great Picture Window?

A picture window is generally fixed in place, and may be complimented by installing them in combination with sliding windows, casement windows, or single or double hung windows. This strategy gives you both the broad, expansive view that the picture window offers, plus good ventilating options. Picture windows are appropriate for many different home and architectural styles, and are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and even master bedrooms.
While a great picture window is more than just the sum of its parts, its defining feature is it’s beautiful expansive glass that affords a broad view of the outdoors but does not have any kind of open-able sash, or any faux sash. Thanks to custom design & expert installation, our picture windows are exceptionally energy efficient; there are no cracks, fittings, or joints that allow air to escape or enter. Add the benefits of double or triple pane Low “E2″ glass and your new picture window will recoup its cost in only a few short years.
In many cases, this kind of window is best complimented by others while becoming the focus of the room in which it is installed. A popular combination is a picture window that includes 2 small double hung (or slider or casement) windows on either side to allow for fresh air and even more natural lighting. this alone can complete the look for the front or side of your already beautiful home; making it a stunning location.
All of our windows are custom designed to perfect specifications, and a new picture window can be of many different sizes, from 72 inches wide for a single installation to something smaller that is flanked by other windows for ventilation. In this case, the picture window may only be 25 to 40 inches wide, with equal sized windows on either side. For more information or to receive a free quote, call us today at (514) 225-2262 in Montreal & Ottawa, QC
If you have a beautiful view from your home that would best benefit from a single large, unobstructed window pane, a picture window may be the choice for you. Picture windows allow the maximum amount of light into a room, and make an excellent statement and choice. They lend a impressively unique touch to both the interior and exterior of your house, and with our many designs, colors, and material choices, you can select a picture window that perfectly matches your sense of style.

Picture Windows from the Experts

Our carpenters, engineers, and designers are all highly skilled individuals that are committed to their craft. Should you be interested in installing picture windows or any other type of windows, our consultants will meet with you one-on-one to find the perfect solution to your practical and stylistic requirements. We offer comprehensive warranties on all our doors and windows, which all meet or exceed Energy Star ratings. Additionally, we follow all guidelines from the Canadian Standards Association and the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada, both very reputable, and guaranteeing you a perfect window every time.

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