Fixed Casement windows

WeatherPro Windows & Doors is a premier doors & windows provider in Montreal & Ottawa, QC. We have been operating for over ten years, and are fully licensed, insured, & bonded. With us, you can be assured that the customer always comes first, whether it is a simple consultation, an installation of a single casement window, or an extensive remodelling of your home’s all your home windows and doors.

Here is a dilemma that many homeowners agonize over. They have a beautiful home, nice furnishings, expertly tailored landscaping – and old drafty windows that drive up energy bills by letting warm air out in the winter, and cooler air out in the summer. What should you do? Call DirectWindows & Doors for a quote on whole house replacement windows, including a new fixed casement window for any special room that already has enough ventilation – but limited view of the great and beautiful outdoors.

When You Need a Fixed Casement Window

Fixed casement windows“Why would anyone need a fixed window?” you may ask. Well, there are actually many reasons. One of the main purposes of any window is to let light into a home, and to direct the light by design. This my be a space where a window cannot open, or be in a home that already has proper ventilation. another reason to have a fixed casement window is that they can add to the exterior value of the home. An ornamental glass pattern is usually used to highlight the window. A fixed casement window could be used in an entrance hallway, in storerooms, or often as part of a bow or bay window, for example. as an addition to a bay window, it is often not necessary to have all four or five sashes be fully operable at all, reducing the cost of these windows significantly.
When designing your windows, you want you to have the widest range of choices.. If you are using a picture window in combination with the Double or Single Hung or Slider, you may want to use Dimensional picture window. This style has the same rounded frame contours as the Double or Single Hung and Slider frame. Our Slim Fixed picture window has the narrowest sight lines of the series to give you the maximum viewing area possible. Perhaps you’ve decided to use the Casement & Awning series of windows. Our fixed casement window has been designed to look exactly like our casement and awning windows. Many homeowners choose the Fixed Casement to maintain a uniform sight line with their casement windows. Whatever your choice, the picture windows will give you the same high quality and energy savings as all of our products.

Materials, Design, & Efficiency Of A Fixed Casement Window

Every fixed casement window we make is designed to look like a regular casement window from both the outside and the inside of your home. Often our customers will opt for weather-resistant vinyl, but you can choose from vinyl, wood, or fibreglass, or any combination of the three. This provides for maximum comfort at the best cost; you can also select from double- or triple insulated low-e glass, or choose a decorative glass finish.

Call one of our consultants today to ask about our fixed casement windows in Montreal & Ottawa; we would be happy to speak with you about your personal needs and requirements.

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