Exterior Doors

What is the first thing a visitor to your home notices? If you guessed exterior doors, then you are correct. A beautiful, expertly installed exterior door not only improves your home’s appearance, but makes visitors feel welcome while adding value and security to your residence for years to come. For more than a decade, WeatherPro has been a leading retailer of high quality and affordable exterior doors thanks to expert design, workmanship, and industry leading customer service.

Custom Orders for Every Client

Many clients we talk to equate the word “custom” with expensive and beyond their reach, but at WeatherPro, we have made custom exterior doors affordable to hundreds of customers in Montreal & Ottawa thanks to our own team of designers, builders, and installers. There is no “middle man” or third-party vendor resulting in higher prices, because we do all the work ourselves. So whether you are interested in intricately detailed glass or wrought iron doors, we have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from at our main showroom.
Equally important is the fact that all of our exterior doors are custom designed for the perfect fit, which saves customer’s money compared to other contractors. While some other companies charge extra to expand a door opening or even make it smaller, we avoid such hassles by using precise measurements for each door we install.

Options and Accessories for Exterior Doors

Because each door is an extension of your personality and home’s architecture, WeatherPro’s design team works with homeowners to craft the perfect door and match it to brick work, exterior paint colours, and other features and décor. One of the questions we get most often is “What options and accessories should we look for?” That is a good question, and while it depends on your personal taste, here are things to be aware of when shopping for exterior doors.

  • Finishes. When it comes to beauty, nothing matches the aesthetic value of exterior doors with simulated wood finish. At WeatherPro, most of our doors simulate the look and texture of real wood doors and can be painted or finished to suit your tastes.
  • Glass. We offer an extensive collection of custom glass door panels, but equally important are sidelights (glass panels to either side of the door) and transoms (glass panels set above the door) which add a touch of class not only to the door but your home’s entranceway.
  • Locksets. Protecting your loved ones and property is a primary concern of every customer we talk to, and the first line of defence is exterior doors with the latest locksets and locking mechanisms available. From wireless entry systems to locks with keypads, we can match locksets to fit your specific needs. At WeatherPro, we help customers choose the best locks, handles, strike plates, and other accessories or hardware to match their new door.

The only limit for a new door is your imagination. If you can dream it, we can make it happen with the most innovative designs and quality workmanship available.

How Our Process Works

To get the best door for your money – and one that suits your tastes – it is important to remember there is no such thing as a “one size fits all door.” We have built our business and reputation by offering outstanding value not only in terms of competitive pricing, but also through a time-honoured process where nothing is left to chance. Each job includes:

  • A free in-home consultation to evaluate your exterior door.
  • A more extensive design review where we discuss options such as door materials, glass, and other options.
  • Measurements.
  • Selection of the door.
  • Custom manufacturing of each door.
  • Scheduling an installation appointment that is most convenient for the homeowner.
  • Installation and clean-up.
  • And finally, customer approval.

At WeatherPro, all of our employees take ownership and immense pride in the work they do on behalf of our customers. It is through such dedication that we have become Montreal’s preferred retailer and installer of high quality doors and windows for every home and budget.

To learn more about Exterior Doors in Montreal & Ottawa, call us today at (514) 225-2262.

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