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entrance door in Montreal & OttawaThere are many characteristics that define your home and make it warm and inviting. Colour coordination between paint, furnishings, and carpeting. Soft light filtering in through new window treatments. Meticulous landscaping. But the first thing a visitor pays the most attention to is your front door. entrance doors make a powerful first impression, so it is important to choose one that accentuates your home’s style without it overwhelming other features. At WeatherPro, we have been Montreal’s leading retailer and installer of high quality entry doors and can help you find one to perfectly match your home’s architecture and décor.

Traditional entrance doors

Thanks to new manufacturing techniques and the availability of different manufacturing materials, the typical homeowner has a wider range of choices in entrance doors than ever before. Fifty years ago, the top selling entry doors were made of wood. Slowly, other materials entered the market.
Today, the most popular kinds of entrance doors are made of steel, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum.

  • All of our steel doors include foam core insulation, which ensures a higher energy efficiency, and weather stripping to keep warm air inside during the winter and cooler air inside during the summer. The other advantage of choosing steel is that unlike wood, it won’t warp or shrink. This type of door can withstand decades of extreme weather with only minimal ongoing maintenance.
  • WeatherPro-made fiberglass doors are similarly energy efficient and easy to install when compared to all of our other entrance doors. Manufactured with wood grain-like texture, they offer the warmth and beauty of real wood but will last several years longer thanks to their durability. Like steel, fiberglass doors perform well in extreme weather conditions and resist minor scratches and dents.
  • Wood doors offer a classic beauty unparalleled by other entry door materials. The appearance of a professionally crafted wood door, combined with beautiful glass, hardware, and accessories, exudes warmth and a sense of security to any home. All of our wood entrance doors can be painted or stained once installation is complete.
  • Aluminum doors are strong and durable and, like their vinyl counterparts, can be manufactured in a wide range of colours and styles that mimic the look and texture of real wood entrance doors. At WeatherPro, our aluminum doors are custom made for each home and are ready for painting or finishing upon installation.

Quality Control is the Key

No matter the kind of framing material used for entry doors, and regardless of hardware or energy efficient glass, the defining characteristic of doors and windows made by WeatherPro is the quality control process we follow. Highly trained and experienced quality control supervisors monitor every step of the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring each door is made to order and fits as expected upon installation.
Our company also follows manufacturing guidelines set forth by the federal government, as well as standards promoted by independent industry groups who help ensure the highest levels of quality possible.

Supporting Montreal’s Diverse Communities

Whether you live in or do business in Anjou, LaSalle, Verdun, or any other community within Montreal & Ottawa, you can take comfort in knowing that our company supports your neighbourhoods and boroughs by hiring and retaining local talent, and participating in charitable events and activities throughout the year. The strength of our company depends on the strength of the communities we serve, so we build relationships based on trust, dignity, and co-dependence.

Choose the Best

Doors and window companies come and go every year, but one thing remains consistent: Our position as market leaders in quality, affordability, and customer service for more than a decade. Why choose WeatherPro for your new entry door? We offer the widest range of styles, colours, and accessories available, and manufacture doors and windows in our own facilities.
Stylish and high quality entrance doors are the calling card for any home because they are the first thing many visitors notice upon arrival. The last thing you want is an old, drafty entry door that is a mismatch for your home’s architecture and décor. The solution is simple. Call WeatherPro today at (514) 225-2262 to speak with sales professional and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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