End Vent Slider window

End Vent Slider Window in Montreal & Ottawa

Do you have a wide, square, window space to fill, but don’t like the extravagance of a bow or a bay window? The end vent slider window may be perfect for you, offering a clean, contemporary look and feel with its minimalism and wide view of the outdoors.
An end vent slider window is usually constructed for window openings wider than 72-3 inches. It is a very workable design, featuring a sash in the middle, and two fixed venting sashes, 1 at each end. For extra light you may choose to incorporate matching transoms or other small windows of various shapes or sizes: rectangular, semi circular, and segmented transoms are popular options. You may also choose screens to add for the two areas that provide ventilation – this will help protect against dust and bugs & hundreds of other outdoor nasties, especially during the warmer months.

Benefits of an End Vent Slider Window

When it comes to home renovations, customers always talk to us about new windows and how an end vent slider window could enhance and beautify their dining room, living room, family room, or other large room. The benefits are quite an improvement on the beauty of the space. If you have a large wall with an existing window greater than 72 inches wide – perhaps a “picture window” that is stationary, quite common in homes built in Canada in the 1950s and 1960s This particular design is great for looking outside, but contributes nothing to air flow or complimenting your home’s existing architecture.
An end vent slider window, on the other hand, is a modern design featuring a fixed glass panel in the middle, and end-vent sashes on either side which have the ability to tilt inwards. We can install screens for the warmer months, giving you the ability to enjoy fresh air and the sights and sounds of the world just outside your window.
Like all of our custom designed, top quality windows, end vent slider windows are constructed from a wide range of very log living and strong materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. High efficiency Low “E2” glass panels are part of the materials too, and help contain warm or cool air & control your home energy bills at the same time. Call us today for a no obligation quote on new doors & new windows for your entire house.
All our sliding windows feature a convenient tilt-in option, which facilitates easy cleaning from the inside of your home. While all our windows are Energy Star rated, you may additionally choose to install double- or triple-insulated glass, with argon/air mixtures that provide for even more energy savings.

End Vent Slider Window

If you are looking for the ideal home renovation to add beauty, functionality, and long term value in Montreal & Ottawa, look no further than a stylish end vent slider window from WeatherPro Windows & Doors. as the leading retailer of the highest quality windows at the most competitive prices in Montreal & Ottawa, we have served thousands of satisfied customers for more than a decade.

For quality end vent slider windows in Montreal & Ottawa, call WeatherPro today.

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