Double Slider Windows

Double slider window in Montreal & OttawaAt WeatherPro Windows & Doors we have been installing and building double slider windows for our loyal customers all over Montreal over the past ten years. Our double slider window is a well received, standard choice as an easy-to-open window for bedrooms, kitchens, & any room where there is not very much space – or where external projecting windows cannot be used for some reason, yet still requires exterior outdoor natural light. They provide a very contemporary look and feel while still using a generation-ally classic design, and both sashes slide, allowing for maximum flexibility without taking up any interior or exterior space.

Why double slider windows?

New double slider windows are an advanced piece of technology, designed for all situations. They have a fully welded frame and sash. This 1 piece design prevents against wear and tear, because there are less moving parts. This means they do not break easily due to use, and can withstand the opening and closing movement. Double slider windows also have a pocket sill. The pocket sill equipped on the double slider window protects your home from wind and air infiltration, and makes them harder to open from the outside, as an added security measure. There are metal cam locks on most double slider windows, an addition also to increase security of your window. Your double slider window has a double strength, hardened, almost 1 inch thick piece of glass. Both an environmental and security measure, the thick glass will not break from pressure, nor will it break by extreme force. To prevent this, the double slider window has stainless steel force balances. These windows are energy star qualified, and weather stripped, with fully replaceable weather stripping. Optionally, we can make your window even more efficient using a special argon low-e glazing. From the full window screen, to the Duraseal edge spacers, these windows will last you a long time. We offer a variety of frame design options for our double slider window; they may be gridded in several different patterns, they also have a tilt-in option which allows for maximum air flow and ease of cleaning. In addition to the standard choice of low-emissivity glass, you may also select from various textured and coloured glass options that provide extra privacy. Our double- or triple-insulated double slider window designs also guarantee you maximum energy savings. Superbly engineered to make your rooms more comfortable, they also save you money by lowering your energy bills.

Need A Double Slider Window?

If you need some of our double slider windows installed in your home, give WeatherPro Windows & Doors a call today. One of our consultants would be happy to help you find a quality solution that fits your needs and your budget. WeatherPro Windows & Doors is a licensed company that follows all rules & guidelines set out by the Canadian Standards Association, & the independent trade organization, the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada. We serve all communities Montreal, & promise that you will receive only the best service and products possible.

If You Are Looking For Double Slider Windows in Montreal & Ottawa, Call WeatherPro For An Estimate Today.

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