Casement Windows

Casement Window in Montreal & OttawaWeatherPro Windows & Doors are the people to come to should you need new windows installed in your house or apartment, including casement windows. Perhaps you have just moved into a new place and are unhappy that you didn’t notice the drafty windows that were there. Or perhaps you have decided that it is finally time to upgrade your existing set of windows. Either way, you can count on us for professional products and service.

Casement Windows: A smart choice

Casement windows are sometimes forgotten in favour of fancier options, but the reality of the matter is that the standard casement windows has a lot to offer. These windows are hinged at one side and either swing outwards to open, much like a door, or swing inwards, in the normal style a window does. Due to this fact, casement windows end up being a very practical choice of window for your home, offering maximum air flow, an unobstructed view, and ease of opening and closing. On the other hand, casement windows might not be safe if, for example, you live on the third floor and you have an active child, or if an open window might pose a risk to your pets. In that case, double hung, or sash windows might be better options.

If you do decide that casement windows are the ideal choice for your home, however, then it is worth mentioning that at WeatherPro Pro Windows & Doors our casement windows come in a wide variety of colors and contemporary designs. Even browsing our standard selection, you are very likely to find the perfect window or windows for your home. In the rare case that we do not have something in stock that fits exactly what you need, there’s always the option of a custom build.

Our Commitment to Excellence

The extremely loyal customer base that we have built over the last ten years is a result of our company’s commitment to quality service and excellent products. WeatherPro Windows & Doors’ products are built by highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the industry, and further, they also undergo rigorous quality control tests. Our company manufacturing and installation processes meet incredibly strict standards. We adhere to all federal guidelines set forth by the Canadian Standards Association, and we in fact have stricter guidelines; in addition, we follow the standards of the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada.

WeatherPro serves individuals and communities throughout Montreal, and we are proud to be the premier windows and doors providers in the region. We provide free in-home consultations, where our professionals can conduct an evaluation of your existing windows, and then go on to provide you with the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your window installation. Of course, the decisions are all up to you. We are simply there to facilitate the process, and to help you achieve a desirable outcome!

Call us today for a free estimate on Casement Windows in Montreal & Ottawa, or to set up an appointment with one of our consultants.

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